Global Legal Law Firm has helped our retention of valued merchants tremendously. Due to Global Legal Law Firm, we have observed a substantial increase on the quantity of merchants that decide to come back on board and continue processing withPayment Systems once Global Legal Law Firm is involved. Global Legal Law Firm has also helped train our Customer Service department to keep retention rate up and our attrition rate down. We foresee a substantial decrease on the losses to the company directly related to Global Legal Law Firm’s training, performance, and direct involvement. Thank you Chris and James!

Chaz Webb and Lilia Lomeli Payment Systems, Customer Service and Retention

Any time one of my vendors or affiliates get sued, I contact Chris & James because I know that my valued relationships with those referrals are in good hands, and will survive the lawsuit.

Equipment Lessor,
It has been my pleasure working with Global Legal Law Firm for over four years. Their high level of service, quick response, and professionalism is unparalleled within the legal arena. I have used Global Legal Law Firm’s legal expertise for personal matters also, and truly value all the effort and talent that they have applied. It is also a great benefit and bonus to our employees to have Global Legal Law Firm available at an affordable rate to help them with their personal issues. I highly recommend their services for ISOs and MSPs, and for other legal problems.

Keith Olmo Payment Systems, Vice-President of Sales

Global Legal is the best group of attorneys that I have worked with after 40 years in the industry. They both protect and pursue my interests at a fair rate.

ISO Owner,

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