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Debt Collection

Our attorneys are the best people to collect on your debt because we are able to cut to the chase and get your debt paid. Most collection services waste time with harassing letters and phone calls. While we have a staff highly trained and dedicated to reaching a settlement through typical collection methods, we bring the added ability to file suit and extract money owed from your creditor’s bank accounts, paycheck, house, boat, houseboat or anything in which they have equity.

With collection attorneys whose reach extends nationwide, we can assure that your debt will be collected no matter where the debt is located.

We are not simply another California collection company. Our firm is a collection law firm. When debtors are contacted by a law firm, the fear of a costly lawsuit persuades most debtors to settle the case immediately. Our success rate, therefore, greatly surpasses the regular collection agencies.

The client’s who use our services will attest that hiring Global Legal Law Firm was the best decision they made to collect their debts. We handle both commercial and consumer debt, and offer a full range of options.

Contact us, and our attorneys will immediately begin to pursue your debt.

Please let us know how we can be of assistance.