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Prepaid Legal Packages for Electronic Payments Companies

Our basic package features a one hour consultation with a Firm Partner per month. We off a free initial consultation with a Global Legal Law Firm lawyer. Below is our a la carte list of Prepaid Legal services.

Letter Response
  • Base package includes up to two responses to complaint letters from Attorney General, Private Attorney, District Attorney, or educated merchant.
  • Increases customer retention.  When a merchant hires an attorney to complain or directly complains to an Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which a response then successfully defends the complaint ,  the member is provided valuable feedback regarding its policies and procedures and how better to refine them so that it should stay with the sales organization.
  • Dissolves potential liability.  Most merchants do not complain or hire attorneys for no reason.  Also, A merchant’s complaint usually holds some validity in the court of public opinion.  But a well-drafted response letter that sets forth the operative facts applied to the law from that merchant’s state will likely end the dispute.
Contract Review
  • Whether it be agreements between processors and ISOs, or ISOs and sub-ISOs/agents, or ISOs and their employees, vendors, or suppliers,  Global Legal Law Firm has seen them  all and stays current  on  pertinent legal issues and industry changes.  We provide the necessary contract review and recommendations that help ISOs negotiate  the contract terms preferable to them  based on their full knowledge of each material term and condition, and the potential ramifications.
Business Planning & Process Review
  • Global Legal Law Firm has been integral in helping various ISO clients grow from, startup organizations comprised of six people in one office to medium to large-sized ISOs having 400 employees spread out in offices in multiple states.  We know where operational pitfalls regularly occur in a growth organization and help implement strategic changes in and ISOs operations to create efficiency, compliance with increasing regulatory standards, sustainable growth, and increased revenue.  Global Legal Law Firm’s business operation consulting and compliance services include:
    • Creating metrics, visibility, and accountability for all positions in an ISO’s organizational structure based on proven processes that emphasize revenue generation and worker incentives in every department.
    • Helping establish performance milestones so that saturation of a particular office can be identified triggering the need for an ISOs expansion.   (i.e, 400 deals per month means market saturation and time to open a satellite office.) (I like this point but I think it needs to be reworded.)
  • Review/Creation of all employee and contractor manuals.
    • Sales;
    • HR (includes organizational charts, job titles and duties, employment agreements, safter plans);
    • Operations;
    • Business Development.
  • Customer Service Training.
  • Call Center Training
Debt Collection
  • Global Legal Law Firm with its partner company, Coast to Coast Commercial Collections, provides ISOs with the necessary assistance to effectively manage its non-performing accounts receivables.  We increase overall percentage of gross dollars collected from non-performing accounts which stops the bleeding caused by chargebacks or unpaid obligations such as early termination fees, equipment lease chargebacks or merchant cash advance defaults.
  • Global Legal Law Firm understands that collections efforts may result in negative repercussions to an ISOs branding or reputation. With that in mind, we take a collaborative yet assertive approach to collections that yields results without tarnishing the sales organization’s reputation.
  • All settlement agreements contain non-disparagement provisions.
  • Global Legal Law Firm offers Fair Debt Collection Practices Act compliant debt collection services. (Following increased scrutiny on the debt collections industry by the CFPB since its creation most states have FDCPA standards as the floor for collections processes even for commercial transaction.)
  • Real-time visibility and reporting of all collections efforts for the ISO through a client portal to our collections software.
  • Credit reporting to the major bureaus.
  • Debt collection training for member employees or personnel should an ISO desire to to bring efforts  in house)
  • Global Legal Law Firm yields over 50% of debt on settled debts.
  • Sales Organization defense against Civil Investigative Demands by Regulatory Agencies (FTC and CFPB), Attorney Generals, District Attorneys, Private Attorneys, Processors, Former Agents, etc.
  • Legal Actions by ISOs against Processors, former agents, debtors
  • Class-Action Defense for all sales practices, internal procedures, contract issues, wage and hour violations, employment.
  • Other issues, or any other issue that a sales organization might get sued for.
  • Ability to practice nationwide through affiliate attorneys.
  • Global Legal Law Firm has a network of attorneys that can litigate in any state.
  • Class-Action Defense.
Chargeback Dispute
  • Global Legal Law Firm understands that your upstream processors and service providers control your residual stream and the reporting that is presented by which an ISO determines its profitability.  These service providers’ reporting must be regularly reviewed based on the terms of an ISOs agreement with them.  Some processors are inflexible in negotiating mutually beneficial terms with an ISO and generally provide a take or leave it proposition. While protecting your relationships and residual stream, Global Legal Law Firm can ensure that an ISO or agent can negotiate to gain as much equal footing and negotiation power with its processor.
  • A proactive approach to reviewing portfolio performance on a monthly basis places the processor on notice that its ISO partner is a sophisticated business organization and will treat it as such.  Most major processors know Global Legal Law Firm litigation strategies and knowledge of the industry, and will risk having to litigate against it.  *Includes one chargeback dispute per month.
Compliance Program
  • The Global Legal Law Firm Compliance Program creates defensible processes and procedures amounting to a legal force field that protects ISOs from the Federal Trade Commission, State Attorney Generals & District Attorneys, and Consumer Financial Protection Board and State Agencies (many states are leaning to the models of states like South Dakota, where Consumers Protections are applied to businesses) (collectively “Investigative Agencies”)
  • Global Legal Law Firm will track Customer Service tickets for issues that are most likely to trigger the interest of an Investigative Agency.
  • By showing an Investigative Agency the ISOs awareness and tracking of potential issues and a proactive response to these potential regulatory hot issues, the ISO creates a defense layer around its organization which  makes itself a harder  target for Investigative Agencies.
  • Investigation Agencies are pseudo police forces and when they begin regulation in an industry similar to that taking place in the payments industry, they make examples of the low-hanging fruit.  If an ISO shows the Investigative Agency the outside legal compliance program that is tracking the issues that have plagued the payments industry and prompted the increasing regulatory oversight  it is likely to move on.  The ISO can show a compliant atmosphere when it makes the efforts to mitigate customer complaints and questionable business practices, fix organizational problems and keep customers happy.
  • This also increases customer retention, tracks potentially rogue agents, provides visibility into problems in the sales agency including systemic or on the individual level.
    • Other benefits are that the Investigation Agency is handled by trained professionals that know how to handle the situation.
    • Reduces chargebacks. (Can be incorporated into the CB dispute process.)
    • Increases retention (Global Legal Law Firm can provide real time feedback on customers that are considering cancellation based on Global Legal Law Firm’s metrics, and Global Legal Law Firm’s proven retention techniques can be trained or done by Global Legal Law Firm.
  • Global Legal Law Firm creates, at sales organizations approval, metrics of responses (i.e., 2 allegations of fraud trigger
General Consultation
  • Consultation with one of Global Legal Law Firm’s founding partners on any legal issues, business related or otherwise.
Legal Benefits to Employees
  • Offer prepaid legal benefit packages to employees.
  • Agent corporate formation (protects sales organization from liability. (pricing depends on state)
Human Resource Outsource
Outsourcing to professionals has been a proven technique for all industries for years.  Global Legal Law Firm can support in-house counsel with expertise in any area that in-house counsel cannot handle as efficiently, i.e. litigation. Alternatively Global Legal Law Firm can be your in-house, outside legal counsel.

  • Full HR Department
  • Manuals

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